Société d'archéologie de l'uOttawa – uOttawa Archaeology Society

UOAS October Newsletter

Hello everyone,

 This is the first of the UOAS monthly newsletters which will be  published at the beginning of every new month this academic year. October is going to be a busy month for us and we would like to keep you all informed.

Saturday, October 5: International Archaeology Day – Desmarais Building, The University of Ottawa (11am – 3pm)

This weekend, many activities are taking place at the University as part of International Archaeology Day. The schedule is the following:

11am – 3pm: Third floor Desmarais… The Museum of Classical Antiquities will be open.

11am – 1pm: Main floor Desmarais… Activities such as pottery washing, write your name in Greek or Hieroglyphics, miniature excavations, tying a toga, pottery classification, pottery reconstruction, mythology scavenger hunt, and a bake sale will take place.

1pm – 215pm: Desmarais 1120… Camille Dibbs, Alison Murdock, Madeline Smolarz, and Emily Stewart will each present about their summer 2013 excavation experiences.

215pm: Desmarais 1120… The archaeologist Ian Badgely will present about Ontario Archaeology.

You don’t want to miss this amazing event!

Tuesday, October 8: Pizza Night Fundraising – 2nd Floor UCU outside of the campus bar 1848 (10:30pm – 2am)

            Come out and enjoy a drink at 1848’s Toonie Tuesday and grab a slice or two of pizza while you are there. We will have a table set up just outside the bar where we will be selling pizza to fundraise for our annual UOAS Scholarship, which is awarded to a student who will be going on a dig in the summer of 2014 to help them pay for the trip. Please stop by, every slice of pizza sold helps us reach our goal!

Friday, October 25: UOAS Pub Night – The Heart and Crown Pub, Byward Market (7pm)

            Meet and chat with the UOAS executive, archaeology students, and students who have participated on summer digs at our fall pub night. Everyone is welcome! It will be in the lower level / basement of the Heart and Crown, a well-known pub in the Byward Market. This is a fun and relaxed event, so please don’t be shy. We’re looking forward to getting to know more of you and are we’re happy to answer any questions you have; it’s what we’re here for. See you there!

To continue to stay informed on a daily basis…
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Thank you and we look forward to seeing you throughout the month.

The UOAS Executive


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