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Field School Opportunities in Italy and Athens!


San Gemini Preservation Studies, a summer field school, has opened its application process up to any students wishing to experience a wide variety of archaeological processes as well as the culture and sights of Italy. The deadline to apply for a spot is March 15, 2014. As well the, same field schools offers field work in Athens, Greece. The first assignment takes place from March 16 until March 27, 2014 with the deadline for applications fast approaching on February 1st. The second session is for the summer from June 29-July 10th 2014. Anyone interested in more information can access the website through the link below:

Fieldwork in Italy:
Fieldwork in Athens:

The programs offered for the Italian Field School are as follows:

  • Building Restoration (June 2nd thru 27th)
  • Ceramics Restoration (June 2nd thru 27th)
  • Book Bindings Restoration (June 2nd thru 27th)
  • Paper Restoration (July 14th thru August 8th)
  •  Traditional Painting Materials & Techniques (July 14th thru August 8th)
  •  Preservation Theory and Practice in Italy (July 14th thru August 8th)

 Field Projects:

  • Restoration of the façade of the Church of San Carlo (13th Century)
  • Surveying the San Giovanni Battista Church complex (12th Century)
  • Archaeological survey of the public baths in Carsulae

Basis of the Athenian Field School:

To look at the coexistence of modern day Athens, alongside its ancient counterpart. Much work will be done on preservation of historical monuments as well as planning and surveying the site.

Both schools offer amazing opportunities for anyone wishing to go on a dig, gain experience or interested in Classical history.


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