Société d'archéologie de l'uOttawa – uOttawa Archaeology Society


The uOAS was founded in the summer of 2010 by a group of friends and archaeology enthusiasts with the desire to unite and strengthen the archaeology community at the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa area. In its first three years, the uOAS raised over $500 toward fieldwork scholarships, increased awareness of the Archaeological Institute of America’s programs and lectures and hosted successful movie nights and pub nights. The committee also worked tirelessly to garner the support from Ottawa’s Archaeological community, the department of Classics and Religious Studies and students to propose a Major and a Minor in Archaeology to the Faculty of Arts. The initial draft proposal was presented in 2011 and was well-received. Some changes were requested and suggestions made and a new proposal will be presented in early 2013. We hope to have a Major and a Minor available at the University of Ottawa students in the coming years.

Goals of the UOAS

  • To foster a sense of community between students with an interest in archaeology and archaeological fieldwork
  • To create a place for students to come together to share experiences and learn from the experiences of others in relation to archaeology and archaeological fieldwork
  • To be a resource to the archaeology classes when talking about the various fieldwork opportunities available to students
  • To be a resource to the Ottawa AIA (Archaeological Institute of America) to ‘educate, advocate and excavate,’ and to promote the field of archaeology to local elementary and high schools
  • To become active members of the Ottawa chapter of the AIA and to promote the AIA activities on campus
  • To work together to host fundraisers in order to assist students in attending their various archaeological fieldwork schools through bursaries
  • To advocate for the addition of more archaeology courses and the eventual creation of a minor in archaeology

Want to get involved or join our mailing list? Send us a quick email: We do not have the resources to translate this website, but we are working on it. Our executive committee is bilingual. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and correspond in French.

We have a lot planned for the 2013-2014 academic year… it might just be our biggest year yet. Keep checking this website for our updates, AIA updates, and news regarding the archaeology world in general.

Thank you for visiting us!

uOttawa Archaeological Society Constitution (PDF)

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Watch us: YouTube – This is the link for the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)’s channel


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