Société d'archéologie de l'uOttawa – uOttawa Archaeology Society


In order to encourage and assist students preparing to participate in archaeolical fieldwork, the uOAS offers a scholarship. The amount is not set as it depends on the amount of funds that the uOAS is able to raise throughout the academic year.

To apply for the scholarship, simply download and fill out the application form below and email it to by the appointed date, which we will inform you of in the winter semester.

uOAS Scholarship Application Form (Word)

uOAS Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

Past recipients


The recipient of the third uOAS Fieldwork Scholarship was Francis Lavoie. Congratulations, Francis!

The scholarship amount for 2013 was $500 to go towards his fieldwork expenses.

The following is Francis’ account of the site:

“This year at the Sanisera field school, we worked on the excavation of the Roman city of Sanisera on the shores of the natural harbour of Sanitja at the northern most tip of the island of Menorca in Spain. Work on the site has been ongoing since 2008 and as of June 2013, about 1,300 square meters were excavated out of the approximate 60,000 square meters the original prospection suggested. There’s also a nearby necropolis which is being excavated at the same time as the city and some underwater prospection is being undertaken in the nearby natural harbour. This site has been occupied from the 2nd century B.C. until the 9th century A.D, first by Romans, then Vandals after the fall of the Roman Empire and finally by Muslims after the Muslim conquest of Northern Africa. In the city, we’ve been working on two buildings, one of which is an early Christian basilica, while the second is a housing building containing 17 chambers: including a forge, a communal dining room, an area for storage, etc. The dig is still at an early stage and most of the city is still underground, but there have been some significant findings: an almost complete amphora; more than 760 coins of different quality, shapes, era, and state of preservation; and complete early Christian oil lamps. Even at its early stage of excavation, this archeological site is very interesting because the early Christian period of occupation is very well preserved. Many artefacts of this era have been found and are being studied at the moment. This is definitely a site to keep an eye on in the near future because of its potential and also because of its importance in the ancient world as a nautical relay for important trading routes of the ancient world, as mentioned by Pliny the Elder in Naturalis Historia.”


The recipient of the second uOAS Fieldwork Scholarship was Trevor Stalkie. Congratulations, Trevor!

The scholarship amount for 2012 was $500 to go towards his fieldwork expenses.

Trevor’s excavation took place in the ancient city of Appolonia Pontica, located on St. Kirik Island off the Bulgarian coast in the Black Sea. The four week project continued excavations from previous years, focusing on new squares south of an Early Christian basilica and an Ancient Greek copper foundry. Many unique and exciting artefacts were discovered during the season, including walls, architectural structures, graves, lamps, several aribaloi (small perfume containers), alabastroi, and a bronze vessel. Learning experiences other than excavating included workshops on pottery cleaning and reconstruction, pottery classification, and pottery drawing. For more information on this site and others offered by the Balkan Heritage Field School, please visit


The recipient of the first uOAS Fieldwork Scholarship was Julie Montreuil. Congratulations, Julie!

The scholarship amount for 2011 was $250 to go towards her fieldwork expenses.

Julie spent 4 weeks in the town of Pylos, Greece, with the Iklaina Archaeological Project, where she participated in the excavation of the Early Helladic, Middle Helladic, and Mycenaean settlement at Iklaina. She also worked with finds and ceramics at the Pylos museum. For more information about this project, you can visit their site:

UPDATE: Thanks to the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts who have graciously matched the funds we raised in order to award Julie Montreuil with a $500 scholarship!


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